About MyMobility

The modern world is mobile. Now, thanks to the instant availability of everything, customers the world over require immediate access to information, real-time processing of their needs and a superb service experience - every time. In a highly technology-enabled world, organisational responsiveness, agility and dependability are the only keys left to get and keep real differentiation and a competitive edge.

Why MyMobility?

    Our systems are supplied over the cloud.
    We’ve developed mobile applications for over 15 years.
    We understand the needs of the SMME market well.
    Our systems work offline until you’re on-line.
    We’re Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft CRM integration specialists.
    Our team are competent in a wide range of development languages.
    Our clients include Primedia, Computicket and Transnet.

What do we do?

MyMobility supply ready-to-run or custom configured mobile applications over the cloud. Our solutions make it simple for sales and service people to use the proven power of Microsoft Dynamics in the field –anywhere and at any time. MyMobility systems work offline to synchronise perfectly when on-line connectivity is restored.


Mobile Workforce Solutions

Get a preconfigured mobile interface for Microsoft Dynamics and other enterprise systems over the cloud at the best price. The system is preconfigured with proven selling and servicing processes and its ready-to-run now.

Microsoft CRM Customisations

Get MyMobility engineers to integrate Microsoft Dynamics to your enterprise systems or to tailor Microsoft Dynamics to your unique business requirements and processes.

Microsoft CRM Hosting

MyMobility provides cloud hosting for Microsoft CRM. Contact us to host your CRM organisation with us, we provide competitive pricing and can accommodate specific technical and integration requirements. Fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page for a consultation around what we can offer.

Bespoke development

To get a quotation to develop an original mobile system or integration service that fits your business precisely, contact us or send a business requirements brief to the MyMobility team now.

Why Us?

Your enterprise needs to be more fleet-of-foot than your rivals right now. Count on the expertise of MyMobility to transform your organisation into a mobile one very smartly. Get a ready-to-run MyMobility application over the cloud quickly and empower your people to operate effectively and efficiently from any outer space.

MyMobility applications integrate with Microsoft Dynamics to deliver powerful and proven software to field staff in an easy-to-use mobile form over the cloud. Because MyMobility solutions have been designed to synchronise off-line data to your mother ship whenever on-line connectivity is restored, MyMobility systems make it easy for your people to operate effectively and competitively on-line and offline.

Whether you want mobility to better control selling resources, manage selling processes more efficiently or ensure the delivery of a better service experience, MyMobility has a mobile solution to fit your operating requirements – and your budget. For the mean-and lean business, an out-the-box MyMobility option delivers pre-configured functionality, ready-to-run and proven processes at a nominal cost. For small to medium sized firms and enterprise with unique integration or bespoke development requirements, MyMobility is geared to do the business.

MyMobility has been around since mobile began. With over 15 years of mobile system development experience now under our hood, we’re pretty expert at delivering the power of Microsoft Dynamics in a mobile and easy-to- use form to field staff. Our solutions empower your people to show up in front of customers at the right time and place every time – with the right data and tools to do better business than your competition.

Since forming in 2006, MyMobility has delivered mobile capabilities to entrepreneurs and prestigious enterprise alike. Clients served include the likes of Computicket, EOH, Transnet and Primedia.

Microsoft CRM give our applications the reliability and integrity of a giant. Our applications make Microsoft system easy to use in your outer space.